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I recently had the pleasure of photographing this dynamic, gorgeous, sexy wife and mother of two!  She was celebrating her 40th birthday and giving her husband a fabulous gift at the same time. I loved photographing her because I think her personality really comes through in the images. I love the fun personal touches she brought to our session.  The cake was just awesome to document the milestone birthday!

Here are her thoughts on her experience with Hush…Boudoir!

If I could write a letter to any woman about my experience with Boudoir photography, it would be this…..
The thought of doing a boudoir photo shoot had never crossed my mind….until 40 started creeping closer! I had come across a stunning black and white photograph of a man and woman that I adored and it started the wheels turning so I thought why not ME?  I’ve never felt healthier than I did approaching 40, but age has it’s way of making it’s mark and was making me so self conscious! I thought if nothing else, my husband would LOVE them and I wanted something to mark this milestone in my life so this was also a gift to me. So I went for it!
As a woman (like most of us), I have never been happy with my body for one reason or another…then babies..then a whole new dimension appeared!  As someone who doesn’t wear lingerie…EVER, looking at myself in the mirror trying on clothes for a photo shoot was a lesson in humility to say the least! So the day of the shoot I was insanely nervous and excited at the same time. Cari and Denise instantly made me feel relaxed. Cari has this professional “I’ve known you for years” personality that you can’t help but be at ease with. There was no question that the second I met her I knew she would be the photographer I chose. After my initial nerves calmed, I started to feel pampered. Then the hair and make-up reveal…! WOW I think was all I could say. Way more than I was used to but I trusted Denise’s judgment and went with it! I was more glam than ever in my life and thought if there was ever a time to rock it this was it! With my favorite music in the background, I swear I had the time of my life and any discomfort I had with my body completely disappeared. It was really so fun!
The wait for the pictures was excruciating! I wondered if my hair and make-up were too much, I second guessed the whole thing. Then the reveal…! The pictures were STUNNING! I couldn’t believe it was me, I was shocked and relieved at the same time! They were so much more than I ever expected. From the lighting and angles, hair and make-up, the pictures were exquisite. For the first time in my life I thought I was truly beautiful. It literally made me cry in Cari’s office because it took 40 years to genuinely feel this way. Not to say I’m not a confident person who occasionally thinks “I look pretty nice today”, I just never thought I was ‘beautiful’ like the women in magazines because that’s what we always compare ourselves to right? I knew right then I wanted and would make sure my daughter will always feel as genuinely beautiful as I do now. As excited as I am to share this with my husband, I can’t wait to someday share this with her.
Thank you Cari and Denise for giving me so much more than pictures. It was an experience that has forever changed the way I look at myself and I will be forever grateful.  

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