I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful woman back in January for a Valentine’s Day gift for her hubby. One of the impressions I had of her after our session was that this woman knows herself.  She is very confident in herself and her life choices. She is very devoted to her husband and her three little ones.  I think her self assurance gives her an aura of inner peace.  I know that sounds a little new-age, but it is the impression that I got.  This client has her own blog that she writes and after our session and receiving her gorgeous album, she wrote a blog post to talk about her experience and her motivation for scheduling a boudoir experience. I am including some of her own words with her amazing images…

The reason that I was drawn to boudoir photography was primarily to bless my husband with sexy images that are perfectly fine for him to lust over and enjoy time and time again. I wanted to look tantalizing, but not sleazy.  I searched the web for a boudoir photographer in Raleigh who took tasteful photos while making her clients look like centerfolds.  I found one named Cari who had beautiful shots on her website and described herself as a “minivan mom of three children, and happily married for 25 years” with a ladies-only operation, who photographs women of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life.  (Her website showcased boudoir photography of women aged 20-60!)  She was precisely what I was looking for.


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The day of the shoot I took my oldest child to school and then dropped my younger two off at one of those FANTASTIC drop-in childcare places, because my kids don’t go to preschool and are always with me, and mama wanted two hours to be a supermodel!  The studio space that Cari has is an old house in the center of downtown Durham, NC. Save for a couple of tufted couches and beds with pin-tucked duvet covers, the rooms are sparsely furnished but have windows on all sides to allow plenty of natural light.  Cari double-checked the lingerie that I brought and confirmed whether she thought it would photograph well and then she handed me a glass of champagne, and I sat down in front of a brightly lit mirror where a professional make-up artist spent an hour on my hair and make-up, transforming me from mom to vixen.


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The only other time in my life that I’ve put as much focus on hair, make-up and time in front of a camera was for my wedding.  But another reason I chose to do this now is because: a) I am finally finished having babies and my body is back to a size and shape that I like, and I want Bryan and myself to remember it this way, and b) in the last year I feel like my hormones have finally recovered from having children to the point that I feel sexy again…so I was in the right frame of mind to do this.


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Cari and my make-up artist Joanne were fantastic–we listened to Bruno Mars on Pandora and just chatted while Joanne did her magic, so by the time Cari pulled out her camera I felt like I was amongst girlfriends.  We shot all over the house and Cari coached me on poses, facial expressions, what to do with my hair–she made me feel very comfortable and we laughed throughout the next hour.  The following week I returned to see the 94 shots she had to show me, and to decide how many to purchase for the album.  Watching the slide show she prepared was very powerful–I couldn’t believe that some of the photos were actually photos of me!  Like most women, I work with what God has given me, and most of the time I’m pretty happy with my appearance.  But, every once in a while I don’t feel so pretty, and I wonder if Bryan still likes the way that I look.  He gets frustrated sometimes when he has to regularly assure me that he is still attracted to me and yes, of course, still thinks I’m beautiful.  But, again like many women, I don’t always believe him, and I’m overly critical of myself.


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But what this boudoir experience really did for me was show me the way that Bryan already sees me, and it gave me more confidence and boldness in sharing myself with him, even if my body does look different after 10 years of marriage and three children.  It was not inexpensive, but it was an investment in my marriage and self-confidence that I think was worth every penny, and one that both Bryan and I will enjoy for the rest of our lives.


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I am so grateful to my clients who allow me to showcase their images and tell their stories about what a boudoir session meant to them.  Thank you so very much for letting me share!

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I was so bad about blogging in 2016! I have a backlog of gorgeous sessions to share. I am so fortunate that so many of my clients allow me to share their boudoir images either fully or anonymously. This beautiful client came in for her session this past summer.  She was one of the first sessions we had in the new studio. She was so comfortable in front of the camera and she has the most amazing hair!

best raleigh boudoirPin SITE IMAGE________raleigh boudoir studioPin SITE IMAGE________raleigh boudoirPin SITE IMAGE________I asked her about her experience with us…


Turning 35 last month hit me harder than I expected! My husband actually approached me with the idea for doing a session to lift my spirits and confidence as a birthday present. Best birthday present ever!! Hopefully he will enjoy it as well 🙂

Everything!! Having Stephanie do such an amazing job with makeup/ hair prepares you to look and feel your best for the session. From the beginning Cari made me feel relaxed (never felt rushed) and walked me through each pose with suggestions and compliments… I felt like a model. She is so experienced and honest about what works/looks best for your body type. It was so empowering and fun!!
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I think it helped me feel more comfortable and confident with my body…flaws and all 🙂
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Go for it…Every woman should have this experience in their lifetime!

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What are you waiting for?  Come visit us at our gorgeous Durham, North Carolina boudoir studio.  We photograph clients from all of the state of North Carolina and beyond!

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Happy New Year! I have had the honor of photographing so many wonderful women this past year.  I have photographed new brides, single ladies, newly divorced ladies, women celebrating turning 40, 50 and 60, women celebrating 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of marriage, women with one baby or 5 babies!!  I also photographed one brave woman who scheduled her session just a few days after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was amazing!

I created a little slideshow to recap the year with some of my favorite images from some of the women who graciously allowed me to share. I tried to include all of those who signed model releases (either full or anonymous) but I may have missed a few!

So, if you haven’t scheduled your Boudoir Experience, what’s holding you back? 2017 is your year to conquer your fears, step out of your comfort zone and do something for you! It’s the best self esteem booster for any woman!


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I say it all the time that boudoir photography is for all women!  It is for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors.  I had the extreme pleasure of photographing this beautiful 60 year old back in the spring and she totally rocked her session.  I think she completely surprised herself at how gorgeous and sexy she is.  The process started when her husband suggested having a painting commissioned. What started out as the need for one image to send to the artist turned into an experience I hope she will never forget!. Here are some thoughts from my client about her Boudoir Experience!

I’m sure turning 60 is a huge hurdle for most people and for me it was quite the challenge to accept officially becoming a senior citizen.  My husband and I married in early our 40’s.  So we had already begun to experience the effects of age to our bodies when we married.
After my 60th birthday, my husband decided that he would like to have a portrait of my body before the changes would inevitably come with more age.  So he began to investigate the process we would have to take.  We decided to try to take pictures of poses in different outfits ourselves but we quickly became very frustrated.
As Jim began to search for a photographer he happened upon Cari Long Potography and the Hush Boudoir session.  He asked me to give it a  try and to possibly consider giving him this for an anniversary present.
So we scheduled a consultation with Cari and we are so glad that we did.  It has been such a great experience and a wonderful gift to my husband.  He now enjoys his own album of pictures of his wife and I have a new perspective on my body and sensuality.  
Cari is very talented and very understanding of a woman’s inhibitions about her body.  She is gifted with making you feel comfortable and helping you relax during the photo session.
Going into your session was there anything you were worried about?
I was very nervous and apprehensive about the session.  I just didn’t think my body would make good pictures.  I didn’t feel good about my body.  I’ve always been very self conscious of my body and never considered myself to be sexy or sensual although my husband has told me for years.  I was very doubtful that the pictures would turn out very well at all.
What was your favorite part of your session?
I loved the entire process.  Trying on outfits to figure out which ones to take pictures in and just having another female to encourage me, laugh with me and help me move into a state of accepting my whole self and feeling comfortable with it was another highlight.  The session turned out to be lots of fun
How has doing a boudoir session affected you?

The process of having this entire experience has truly changed how I see myself physically.  It has changed how I perceive my femininity and sensuality.  I understand and accept more freely  my husband’s perception and appreciation of my body.  The feminine body is something to be valued and enjoyed and seen as beauty that exudes the romantic and exotic side of us.  Embracing that perspective has certainly made a difference in our marriage and the intimacy we share.

If you could tell women thinking about doing a boudoir session one thing, what would it be?

I believe this is by far one of the best things a woman can do to improve her self image, how she feels about herself and her body.  It really allows you to embrace who you are and everything about your body.  I also believe it provides an opportunity to connect more intimately with your husband by giving you the opportunity to share yourself in a special way with him that says I appreciate your loving me just the way I am, my body and soul.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to share these stunning pictures and your story!

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  • Sandy

    Unbelievable that she is 60. Could easily pass for 40 or younger. Not fair for the rest of us.ReplyCancel

  • Very cute and classy!ReplyCancel

  • Jim

    Incredibly sexy at any age, let alone 60. She’s got the whole package and looks like is in her early 40s.ReplyCancel

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We are having the best time photographing sessions in the new studio.  It is still a work in progress, but the light is gorgeous and the possibilities are endless.  I photographed this beautiful client 2 weeks ago and she was such a blast! She was a total natural in front of the camera. And she is the mother of FIVE!! She could be the poster girl for sexy mamas! She was actually worried about her post-pregnancy body, but she completely rocked it! Here’s what she had to say about her motivation for scheduling a boudoir session…

I recently became very aware of my age (44) and wanted to remember this time in my life. As a professional photographer myself, I’m very aware of technical and artistic skills. Cari’s work was impeccable.  I thoroughly enjoyed Cari and Stephanie (hair/makeup artist). Loved my hair and make up (me- just polished), the studio was clean and beautiful, it was so easy to model for Cari (she was encouraging and directive the whole time), and the turn around time for the ordering appt was fast! The images were beautiful and the selection process easy

When asked if she could tell women thinking about scheduling a boudoir session one thing, what would it be, she responded …One thing?!?! DO IT!!!! Don’t wait! Cari is awesome!

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  • Brandon Daly

    Angela is such an incredibly beautiful woman, inside and out. What an amazing example of human femininity. I am such a lucky guy 🙂 The pictures look excellent. Can’t wait to see the complete final prouduct!ReplyCancel

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